Chipping Tips

Chipping Tips to Follow

Chipping like a pro requires more effort and a few strategies, most of which are overlooked by amateurs and seasoned golfers alike. There are two contact points when hitting any type of golf shot; when the club head hits the ball and when the club head hits the ground. Seasoned golfers like Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods who has been playing the sport for over a decade understand that for you to make the perfect shot, you have to optimize both of these contacts. There are two ways you can optimize the contact either by making a shallow swing or through steepness when swinging to hit the ball. Tips that you can follow to improve your chipping skills and experience include:

#1 Flatten Your Wrist

If you bend your wrist while striking the ball, it will be very hard to make a perfect chip. This is why you need to ensure that your left wrist is flat. While it might be hard to maintain this position at first, it is quite important to train yourself how you will keep the wrists flat and still for stable rotation while striking the ball.

Please watch the above video starting from 2.45 min and look at his wrist.

#2 Use One Club

Unless you are a professional golfer who spends hours on end everyday on the pitch, do not try polishing your chipping skills with different clubs. Instead, choose one club and practice chipping with the club of choice.

This combined with the proper technique and dedicated effort, it becomes easy to hit several shots with the club and develop confidence after using your preferred club severally.

#3 Keep Your Head Raised Up

Making the perfect chip also involves ensuring that you maintain the right body posture and position. This is why you should avoid keeping the head down when you are preparing to chip the ball. Such a position stuffs the head into the chest thereby making the upper body to lose its rotating ability. This in turn makes it hard to control the direction and distance of your hands when swinging to hit the ball.

Extra Tips

When polishing your chipping skills, it is important to ensure that you are able to identify the lowest point when swinging the club to avoid hitting the ground more than you hit the ball. In addition to this, keep the shoulders at a relatively level position and the arms soft for smooth motions and movements.