Putting Tips

How To Putt Well Persistently

Golf is a complex game and thus you need to have patience to learn the different techniques involved. For instance, to putt well in Golf, you need to have the right stance, choose the target properly and analyse the failed attempts. Here are some simple Golf putting tips for beginners.

1. Proper Position

You want to find a putting stance that is comfortable and right for you. In case your stance seems awkward, you will strike the ball awkward. Your ball often needs to be placed a bit forward of middle in your stance . Be sure to keep your eyes over the ball and your head steady.

Your arms should be firm , but light, and your palms should be facing one another. Bend your arms, line up your shoulders parallel with your target line, and do not move your lower body.

Use your wrists and hands to stabilize the putter, and your arms and shoulders to stroke the club.

2. Rely On Your First Impression

Do not over think the greens. As stated above , look the green over from every angle and go with your first impression.

If you’re consistently missing a lot of putts, you might need to reexamine the way you are reading the greens. But it is vital to learn to trust your read and think that the ball will go directly into the hole.

3. Choose A Target

When you need to strike the ball a great distance to reach the hole, it is easy to miss the target. Therefore, try to look for a closer target, but still hit the ball with enough speed.

To get this done, stand a few feet behind your ball and line it up to the hole. Look for a spot on that line someplace about halfway to the hole. (This could be a blade of grass , a leaf or a little indent in the grass.) Aim for that target while stroking the ball strong enough to go the distance of the hole.

4. Putt To Make It

A lot of golf players putt to get their ball close to the hole and don’t attempt to actually get it in the hole the first time. They are only setting themselves up for much more strokes.

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