Driving Tips

Golf Driving Tips to Get You Right on Target

There is no better way to begin a hole than to have a fantastic drive that lands just where you had visualized it. Accurate and with great distance. It’s a pity that this does not occur as frequently as we would wish for. That great shot will not be quite so elusive if you apply these golf driving tips.

The number one golf driving tip is to try for accuracy before distance off the tee. A shorter accurate drive free of hazards is always preferable to a long drive with problems to overcome such as bunkers, trees etc, which often ended up in wayward shots.

Wayward shots are frequently caused by trying to hit the ball using the arm muscles in an attempt to get extra distance. The desired shot is rarely accomplished because it normally results in a slice or hook and invariably in trouble. A smooth deliberate golf swing will create club head speed and therefore distance. The key to achieving terrific distance is club head speed not smashing the ball. You will get far more distance from a ball struck well with less power than from a ball that is struck badly but with more power. Never force a shot in an attempt just to hit it further and take your time. Always think of hitting the ball better, not harder.

Proper club selection is also vital as not all tee shots are made using a driver. You can only select the correct club for each situation when you know the distance you are capable of hitting with each club so this is something you need to work on. Take a notepad to the driving range and make a note of the average distance you achieve with each club. When you walk up to the tee area take the time to glance down the fairway and decide on the spot you intend to aim for. Match the distance you need to the club you know you can confidently reach this spot with. The notes made at the driving range will provide you with this information.

These golf driving tips will assist you to get the basics correct and get you where you wish to be. Greater distance and right on target:-

  • Visualize the flight of the ball and it landing right on target before you take your shot.
  • Check your grip as this can be a major cause of slices and hooks. The easiest way to check your grip is to look down and check that you can see at least two knuckles on your left hand.
  • Place your feet shoulder width apart when your using your driver and position your ball just off the inside of your left heel. Right up until impact your head should be positioned behind the ball. Depending on which club you are using, ball placement for your other clubs will be towards the middle of your feet.

Check out this video on how to drive the ball long and straight :-