Azmi Murid

PGA Membership No N/A
Years Playing 3
Years Coaching 3
Age 52
Languages English ,Malay
Programe Conducted Driving-range ,On-course ,Group
Coaching Expertise Beginner-junior ,Beginner-adult


Age: 52

Occupation: General Manager at Trishem Engineering Sdn Bhd, Sitiawan, Perak

Golfing Experience: Since 2021

Golfing Affiliation: Partners of Airon Golf Driving Range, Marina Island

District: Manjung

Additional Roles:

NGO Activist: Active in community development and social causes in Manjung District.
Freelance Team Building Motivator: Utilizes golf as a platform for team building and motivation.
About Azmi Murid:

Azmi Murid, a seasoned general manager at Trishem Engineering Sdn Bhd in Sitiawan, Perak, is not only a professional in the engineering field but also an avid golfer with a passion for community service. At 52 years old, Azmi has been immersed in the game of golf since 2021, steadily honing his skills on the green.

Azmi is one of the partners at Airon Golf Driving Range located in Marina Island, where he actively participates in promoting golfing activities and providing coaching sessions for enthusiasts. Apart from his corporate endeavors, Azmi is deeply involved in social causes as an NGO activist in the Manjung District. His commitment to community development and welfare initiatives has earned him respect and recognition among his peers.

With his extensive experience in both corporate leadership and community engagement, Azmi also serves as a freelance team building motivator, using golf as a tool to foster teamwork, motivation, and leadership skills among individuals and organizations.

Azmi Murid exemplifies the perfect blend of professional expertise, passion for golf, and dedication to social responsibility, making him a respected figure both on and off the golf course.


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Primary Coaching Location

Jalan Marina Avenue, Lumut, Perak, Malaysia


Name No. Of Pax Price Remark
10 session per person 1 800 30 minutes trial session
10 session per group group 700 30 minutes trial session


Phone Number 0195411132
Email [email protected]