Shawn Liew

PGA Membership No 113
Years Playing 20
Years Coaching 11
Age 36
Languages English ,Malay ,Chinese
Programe Conducted Driving-range ,On-course ,Corporate ,Tour ,Group
Coaching Expertise Beginner-junior ,Amateur-junior ,Pro-junior ,Beginner-adult ,Amateur-adult ,Pro-adult


Started golf at the age of 15 back in Johor Bahru, Malaysia at Royal Johor golf and country club, competed throughout the region in junior, amateur ranks and move on to playing on NCAA in the US.

Turned professional in 2010 upon completion of university and started competing in the Asian region among various tours.

After competing several years on tour and rediscovering the swing and the game, founded Swing Lab Performance Center in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and starting to introduce the idea of helping client understand more of the body movement and how to properly use it to uncover hidden potential and gain more power while reducing pain and strain on the body due to improper movement, also focusing on body conditioning and training the competitive golfers. To learn more about swing lab performance, please visit

Started working with Korean LPGA tour player Cindy Chae during the winter of 2016 and have two juniors from the academy finishing 1st & 2nd in the 2017 Johor state high school championship & winning the 2018 Mssd in 2 categories. Started working with Asian tour golfer and Indonesia number 1 Rory Hie as his swing instructor.

Notable Students:
Rory Hie – Asian tour member
Tan Chien Hau – PGM tour and ADT member
Cindy Chae – Korean LPGA tour member
Alex Chae – Korean PGA tour member
Kabir Mann – 2017 Provincial High School Championship Runner up
2017 Gurdwara Cup Champion
Zerrin Tan – 2018 MSSD Champion (Girls under 18)
Corbin Tan – 2018 MSSD Champion (Boys under 15)

Certification & Affiliation:
• PGA of Malaysia member since 2010
• PGA of Alberta (2016)
• Harold Swash Level 1, 2 certified Putting Instructor & fitter
• Founder of Swing Lab Performance Center

Coaching Experience:
• 2010-2013 Austin Hills golf resort - Instructor
• 2017 Swing Lab performance Center (Ponderosa golf and country club & Daiman 18) - Founder & technical consultant


                                            Morning Session

                                            Sunday 8am - 12pm
                                            Monday 8am - 12pm
                                            Tuesday 8am - 12pm
                                            Wednesday 8am - 12pm
                                            Thursday 8am - 12pm
                                            Friday 8am - 12pm
                                            Saturday 8am - 12pm
                                            Sunday 12pm - 5pm
                                            Monday 12pm - 5pm
                                            Tuesday 12pm - 5pm
                                            Wednesday 12pm - 5pm
                                            Thursday 12pm - 5pm
                                            Friday Closed
                                            Saturday 12pm - 5pm
                                            Sunday 5PM ONWARDS
                                            Monday 5PM ONWARDS
                                            Tuesday 5PM ONWARDS
                                            Wednesday 5PM ONWARDS
                                            Thursday 5PM ONWARDS
                                            Friday Closed
                                            Saturday 5PM ONWARDS


Primary Coaching Location

Daiman 18 Golf Club, Jalan Ros Merah 4/1, Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia


Name No. Of Pax Price Remark
1 hour lesson 1 300 1 Month


Phone Number 016-7639279 (Whatsapp)
Email N/A