PGA Membership No 210
Years Playing 20
Years Coaching 12
Age 44
Languages English ,Malay ,Tamil
Programe Conducted Driving-range ,On-course ,Corporate ,Group
Coaching Expertise Beginner-junior ,Amateur-junior ,Pro-junior ,Beginner-adult ,Amateur-adult ,Pro-adult


Sundram started as a part time caddy and work in a golf course. His interest in golf has sparked him to pursue further in golf. He started playing amateur level tournament at the age of 20. When he is aged 31, he turned pro and and started doing coaching.

From 2008 to 2010, he participated in PGAM and ASEAN tour actively. This experience enables Sundram to give valuable insights and tips when conducting on course lesson to his students.

In 2011, Sundram decided to do full time coaching. He went to learn sports science and rules of golf in Selangor. Then, he went to Australia to further study the methodology of coaching . There, he also learnt custom club fitting.

Currently, Sundram also provides fitting services as below:
• Customize fitting
• Shaft Angle Adjustment
• Grip Change
• Loft and Lie Adjustment
• Swing Balance
• Putter Fitting

• The 5 and 10 lesson package have to be completed within two months
• The green fee for field playing lesson is paid by student

- Level 1 Accreditation in the David Milne Teaching System
- Certificate of Sports Science
- Certificate of Participation for MGA Level 1 Rules School



                                            Morning Session

                                            Sunday 8am - 12pm
                                            Monday 8am - 12pm
                                            Tuesday 8am - 12pm
                                            Wednesday 8am - 12pm
                                            Thursday 8am - 12pm
                                            Friday 8am - 12pm
                                            Saturday 8am - 12pm
                                            Sunday Closed
                                            Monday 12pm - 5pm
                                            Tuesday 12pm - 5pm
                                            Wednesday 12pm - 5pm
                                            Thursday 12pm - 5pm
                                            Friday 12pm - 5pm
                                            Saturday 12pm - 5pm
                                            Sunday Closed
                                            Monday 5PM ONWARDS
                                            Tuesday 5PM ONWARDS
                                            Wednesday 5PM ONWARDS
                                            Thursday 5PM ONWARDS
                                            Friday 5PM ONWARDS
                                            Saturday 5PM ONWARDS


Primary Coaching Location

Bandar Baru Klang Golf Driving Range Persiaran Bukit Raja 2 Bandar Baru Klang Klang Selangor Malaysia


Name No. Of Pax Price Remark
1 hour lesson 1 173 1 Month
10 hour lesson 1 1200 6 Month
5 hour lesson 1 700 2 Month
9 hole lesson 1 402 1 Month