My name is Kim Kardashian, and I have found it difficult to be good at golf. Golf is a fantastic sport that can benefit people in many ways. With all the advantages that golf offers people, I still fail to play the game professionally. Well, there is a plethora of reasons why I was not good at golf. I will take my time to explain every point for you to understand.


1. Amateur Players, YouTube Videos And Taking Advice From Friends Remain Insufficient:


youtube- begolfpro

One of the core reasons why I am a failure in playing golf like a professional is because of advice from amateur players. Since I focus more on YouTube videos to upgrade my golfing skills, the practical aspect of the game lacks. Most of my friends who are accessible to the game in one way or the other have not contributed much to helping me play golf professionally. The truth is that only private golf coaching sessions from pro can help me to improve my skills.


2. Time And Dedication:

Time and dedication-be golf pro

To become an expert in any aspect of life, time and dedication are important, and golf is the same. I did not devote much time to develop my golfing skills due to lack of determination. Golf needs proper instruction from an expert like a private golf coaching service. With an effective plan and good education from private golf coaching sessions, I worked on a daily basis to improve my skills.


3. Lack Of Consistency:

Another factor that outlined the failure of my playing golf efficiently is the lack of consistency. I was unable to remain consistent over the little golf knowledge I assumed from friends and amateur players. In fact, sometimes, I do not practice what I learn from YouTube videos. For this reason, I totally lost concentration and consistency in playing the game. This attitude made me go over and over again to a single approach of playing golf.


Benefits Of Attending Private Golf Coaching Sessions:

1. Attending private golf coaching session has helped me to develop the skill of understanding top-notch PGA instructions for playing golf. My personal instructor helped me to start exercising the drills in the game of golf.

2. After taking private golf coaching sessions, I am now more consistent. I now know how to plan my play and upgrade my skills by following a strict daily planner designed by my coach.

3. The interest, curiosity, and confidence to improve my golfing skills all came from attending private coaching sessions.